Father’s day love

IMG_7285 Life got away from me and I neglected to post this gem but here it is…sorry for the delay dad.

I was born on Father’s Day which I like to think is a gift that keeps on giving. My mom had me at 6:39 am and my dad played in a golf tournament that evening which he ended up winning. Daddy’s good luck charm right here. There was an article in the paper and I love looking back at it and all the things my mom saved over the years. Her hoarding = my treasures.


Living four hours from my dad is hard but it’s especially hard on Father’s Day. I am blessed to have an amazing dad. So much of our childhood was spent attending various running events, laughing, playing, dancing to music on VH1 or the record player and eating sweets. I never realized how much of what I love is because of him. Running, The Eagles and 70s rock in general, SWEETS, being outdoors and the list goes on. I will never forget at my wedding when the song “Already Gone” by The Eagles came on and we turned to look at it each other. Continue reading →