TEAM Kristi

This page is in memory of my beautiful, amazingly incredible mother, Kristi Lynn (Olson) Ellingson. She fought a hard battle against stage 3C ovarian cancer for two and a half years. And, while she may not  have won physically, she totally dominated in spirit. After shaving her head to get ahead of the chemo hair loss, we started to call her Bald Eagle. She was annoyed at first but it was meant in the truest sense. Our family loved spotting these birds on roadtrips to Decorah but they are also symbol of strength. A tough, relentless, yet graceful animal that commands a sense of courage and determination. Plus, America. Once she heard this reasoning she was on board. And, from then on, we participated in countless road races as Team Bald Eagle wearing our Team Kristi shirts raising money and awareness for ovarian cancer. We continue to wear our Team Kristi shirts, road races are still run in her honor and whenever a Bald Eagle flies across the sky, we know she’s making her presence known…and we love it.

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