Happy Birthday Hayden-Keith

Friday was our sweet Hayden-Keith’s 3rd birthday. Tears have fallen and will continue to fall. We had a sitter his birthday eve and I snuck in his room for our last goodnight chat as a two year old. He became so big when Leah arrived and Friday he became even bigger. I catch myself thinking of a quote from Peter Pan during our bedtime routine, “little boys should never be sent to bed. they always wake up a day older.” It’s so true. I’m thankful for every day I get to see him become bigger and I’m so grateful he is ours.

  • Getting ready for the HOM Teal Strides
  • Wheaties box!
  • Podium picture

I’m back…

To say I took a break from blogging is an understatement. Essentially life took over and after being pulled in a ton of directions, including relocating back to Iowa AND having a baby, blogging took a backseat.

But I can sort of see through the newborn fog (how long can you call them newborns) and finally getting back to some “me” projects. Super important when you have so much depending on you to have an outlet and I am prioritizing this one.

More to come but here is a peek into what’s been taking so much of my time. And I’m ok with it.

Fancy candles, pretty containers, reuse

I don’t like to throw things away…there I typed it. I come from a long line of people who cherish things / hoarder, whichever you prefer. This has probably escalated now that my mom is gone but I’ve always loved the memory aspect.

But sometimes that turns into usefulness and taking something once used as one thing, and turning it into something else. My mom was really good at this. One thing I remember specifically, was her randomly having candles that were near burnt out in the freezer…obviously I asked why. She told me it was a way to keep the holder and reuse it rather than just throwing it away. GENIUS…she may have done this to save money but little did she know that wisdom would one day help justify my love for fancy candles in pretty containers. So in shopping logic, that means it’s a deal…fancy candle, freeze to remove the wax and voila – you have a new container for whatever you want.

Some of the best candles can be bought at Anthropologie. Their candles smell amazing, Volcano is my favorite, BUT they also come in The pusher in me suggests you visit the nearest Anthropologie, smell their signature Volcano scent and just thank me later. Another favorite candle was found on our honeymoon in Charleston, SC,  I stumbled upon Rewined candles and fell in love. They take me back to one of my favorite trips in one of my favorite cities. Perfect for wine lovers and/or pregnant women, it’s currently getting me through my red wine cravings. You can also find Rewined at your local West Elm.

A few ways I’ve found to reuse the containers include: cotton ball and Q-tip holder in our master bath, vase for fake flowers, toothbrush head holder or just plain decoration. I’d love to see what you come up with.


  1. Wait until the candle will no longer hold a flame, let cool.
  2. Stick it in the freezer for 24 hours (maybe shorter depending on freezer temp).
  3. Take it out and remove the wax, clean with warm water and soap.
  4. Find a new use for it.


One more call.

It’s been a minute or several since my last post. This summer has gotten away from me and we have just been so busy. But it’s not an excuse and I’ve found myself crabby at myself for letting this slip. Regardless of whether it gets read, it’s theraputic.

Whether you’ve lost someone or not, being able to “share” news, good or bad, is helpful. I’ve always been a sharer in the sense that I like to talk to people and share experiences, stories and knowledge. I probably get it from my dad who always has a story but I like that about myself. I’m an open book. Continue reading →