Lauren Monroe

She’s finally here. After taking her sweet time our little Lauren Monroe made her debut Friday, February 16. The last weeks were hard as I had unrealistic expectations she would arrive early since Hayden was on his due date and Leah was a week early. But the saying “all babies are different” couldn’t have been more true. She was definitely worth the wait but the waiting to be induced process was very emotional for me. The first night we were bumped I sat in my closet and cried. I was so uncomfortable and was just ready to be done. I wanted to get back to being mom again and start our new normal.

With both Hayden and Leah we did newborn photos and I love them but I often catch myself saying how badly we need home videos. Two family friends and sisters I babysat growing up, started their own videography business, Anna Grace Films, and recently started offering birth story / newborn videos. They filmed in a few phases to capture life before and after Lauren. In addition to photos, the video turned out perfect and being able to relive the memories has brought tears to my eyes and something we’ll cherish forever. And, now I want them to capture birthdays for us!

I can’t speak highly enough about Anna and Gracie. They have great attention to detail and incorporating pieces I wanted into the film. They are also two of the sweetest people and I’ve always said I hope my kids turn out to be as kind, fun and driven as them and their brother. My mom was good friends with their mom and encouraged me to babysit for them when I was just twelve. Mom knows best because over the years their family really treated me like their own and some of my best memories and lessons in life were made during my time with them.


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