Happy Birthday Mom!

Today we celebrate the birthday of a beautiful woman who turns 60 in heaven. All day I caught myself wondering how she’d spend her day. We did our best to honor her here on earth. I finally hung decorations in Hayden’s room that have a special tie to her — bald eagle prints, horse decals and an “I’ll love you forever…” print. I couldn’t help but tear up as I was cutting flowers from our “Grandma Kristi” garden thinking how badly I wish I could share life with her. I wish she could see the excitement Hayden has for the bird feeder anytime he catches a visiting bird in his binoculars. Or the way he is so happy and proud to smell our flowers. He loves to play baseball and bake and just live life. I would give anything for her to have a slumber party at our house in Hayden’s teepee then greet Leah in the morning smiling wide-eyed in her crib. We’d take them on a long walk or runs, talk about recent award shows, the news and grill seafood.

I know she’d love sitting with my dad and just watching her Grandkids play and laugh. She’d be right there with them. And while it breaks my heart to think of all the things I don’t get to see her do, I know she does them all in Heaven.

I love you mom. Thank you for every moment you remind me that you are here, never far from my thoughts and always in my heart. Happy 60th.



  1. Jackie Cavaletto says:

    Dear Jessica, First of all, I wanted to say, what a lovely, heartfelt tribute to our mom. I don’t even know if you remember me. I am one of your mom’s cousins.Over the years, I’ve probably had more contact with your aunts Dianne, Donna and Vickie (Linda and Lisa too)….Your family was SO gracious during my parent’s last years…First bringing uncle Vern and aunt Helen to see my mom and dad(in AZ). Then coming out to attend both my parents memorial services. They certainly know ho to support family members suffering loss. Your mom was such a strong, brave lady and I was always impressed with how she never gave up. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today. I know “milestones” are difficult. Blessings on you. With Love, Jackie Cavaletto

    • mrsjessicahull says:

      Hello Jackie and thank you for the sweet note. So fun to hear from you. It’s so great to hear how much she and my family have meant to others. Grandpa and Grandma Olson are two of the best people God ever created. Thank you for reading!

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