Christmas gift that gives

If you know me then you know bald eagles are my thing (see previous post). This year for Christmas my sisters and I decided to adopt the American Bald Eagle exhibit at the local zoo, Blank Park Zoo, as a surprise to my dad and a unique way to honor our mom. Offering a variety of donation levels, the money goes toward the care of the animals and the exhibit which is always a favorite of ours.

This weekend we made our way to check it out. I teared up seeing their names on the sign. It’s bittersweet but I know she’s proud and Father Keith loved it. 

What are some ways you remember or honor a loved one?

I’m back…

To say I took a break from blogging is an understatement. Essentially life took over and after being pulled in a ton of directions, including relocating back to Iowa AND having a baby, blogging took a backseat.

But I can sort of see through the newborn fog (how long can you call them newborns) and finally getting back to some “me” projects. Super important when you have so much depending on you to have an outlet and I am prioritizing this one.

More to come but here is a peek into what’s been taking so much of my time. And I’m ok with it.