Favorite workouts

299060_2086156031640_4927900_nStaying active was a lifestyle my parents practiced for as long as I can remember. It was a part of their every day and they encouraged my sisters and I to make it a part of ours as well. Since my mom and I used to workout together, I view this as my time to spend with her and to get in a little “me” time when so much of my day revolves around Hayden Keith, Joel and work. And, my pinterest board has tons of options that I haven’t tried yet…oops.

What are some of your favorite workouts or training programs? My mom was all about long runs but I get bored so I have to mix it up. We have a gym membership but most days I end up in our basement doing a magazine routine or out for a run, (whatever Hayden Keith allows). Mixing it up helps keep me sane. Below are a few of my favorites. IMG_6781 Continue reading →

Running for mom

IMG_7883On Saturday, September 12, Hayden Keith, my sister Catie and I attended the annual HOM Teal Strides for ovarian cancer run. The run benefits MOCA, an amazing local non-profit that is a crusader for ovarian cancer awareness. The last time I participated in this event, I was 6 weeks pregnant with Hayden Keith so it was neat to experience the run with him. I try to participate in one ovarian cancer event every year as a way to connect with mom and do my part to raise awareness for such an awful disease. It’s bittersweet to be around so many others who understand the nastiness of ovarian cancer and seeing the teal makes me smile. I wish mom was here to still run with me. Organizers handed out stickers to wear that said whether you were running in honor or memory of someone. I grabbed one for Hayden Keith and me. As I was running, I tried to read who others were running for and it was sad to see so many people my age running for their mom, kids Hayden Keith’s age running for grandma and husbands like my dad running for the wives. This disease is much more treatable in the early stages, there needs to be a better screening process for early detection. Continue reading →

Getting through the hard days.

74bbcd1045617cfdfc240e5a38480681 Some days are hard and some days are even harder. Last night was a really hard one. Over the last month I’ve been trying to cope with loss and understand how and why some experience more loss than others. I know everyone has their own battle(s), but some just seem more obvious than others but regardless loss hurts. It doesn’t make one loss any less than the other. But to some holding onto that loss and grief can be a sign of weakness. As if there is a time frame for grief and “getting over” someone or something. To those people I would say, “it is really easy to say that when you aren’t the one experiencing those emotions.” You don’t have to go through your day seeing people live a life you once knew or you wish you could experience. Logging into social media, you see so much joy (which is great) but on a hard day it can make it even harder. People having babies, spending time with their parents and friends, and it’s easy to start to compare and break yourself down because your life doesn’t live up to that picture. That’s my struggle. Continue reading →

Jewelery with a purpose

IMG_7838Ugh still working to post more regularly and I think I have a new way to get ahead…stay tuned for that. I promise not to leave you weeks with no post.

It seemed life might slow down once summer wrapped but that doesn’t seem to be the case. A big highlight was my baby sister getting married last weekend which was also our parent’s anniversary. When she told me they wanted to get married on that date I was so proud she chose to honor our parents in that way. This was my first sibling wedding so it was great to celebrate them but also hard to not have our mom there in person…she would have slayed the dance floor with us. I was asked to be the officiant and made it through without too many tears. And, we were able to incorporate mom throughout the day. From a decorated memorial with a combination of her favorite flowers, to donations collected in her honor and a unique gift from dad, we definitely made sure she was a part of the big day. Continue reading →

Ovarian cancer month

IMG_7764September is ovarian cancer awareness month and I have a sour relationship with ovarian cancer.  Of course, I will do my part to support and raise awareness so others don’t have to go through what my mom and family did during her battle and have gone through since her loss. But I refuse to let this disease define my mom.

My mom battled ovarian cancer but it isn’t the thing that so many people love about her. It doesn’t tell how great of a person she is or why my every day without her will always be empty in a way only a mom can fill. This may seem like a Debbie-downer post and maybe it is because this month is hard. It’s hard to support something you hate. I HATE OVARIAN CANCER. But, I’ll give ovarian cancer it’s month and I’ll keep talking about it as a way to beat it and keep my mom’s fight alive. But I won’t let the disease define who my mom is to me and so many others. She is alive and I’ll wear my TEAM Kristi shirt almost every day and see Bald Eagles for her and to remind others that a loss doesn’t have to mean the end. Physically my mom isn’t here but that doesn’t mean she’s gone. She is with me everywhere, in every thing I do and in the words I say because of the person I’ve become. The person her and my dad raised me to be. Continue reading →